It’s a Wonderful Life!

Our canal – isn’t she gorgeous?

As much as I day-dreamt about some day moving to the Florida Keys over the past decade, I never did believe it would happen. I wasn’t honestly sure that I wanted it to happen. It is one thing to vacation somewhere. It is another to live there. And yet for me, the Keys have always been more than a vacation destination. My brother was born here. My earliest memories of life were shaped by these blue-green waters, this heat, and this never-ending sky. I was only four when we moved away, but those memories are imprinted on me. I’m fairly certain I learned to swim before I could walk. Water is still my favorite place to be. And now we are here. At a new home in an old familiar place. I created this blog for a couple of reasons. One, I am far away from family and friends, so I wanted a venue to share our experiences and adventures with them. We have Facebook, of course, but I find blogging to be more substantial – like writing heartfelt letters to the world instead of short bursts of emotion or sentiment. Two, I am a PhD student at the end of the road who would like to have a fun reason to open her computer and a break from my normal research and writing routine. Three, I want to realize my dream to become a genuine foodie. My major form of recreation in the past seven years of grad school hell fun has been cooking, feeding people, trying new places and new foods…and now I have a garden! And the bounty of the sea! And all of these new/old places to eat and enjoy. I want to share this and how incredible life is in the Keys. So stay tuned for one delicious adventure.

My fiance and I cooling off in the pool after a long morning of landscaping work

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