Comida Cubana (“Cuban Food”) – Review of La Nina in Marathon

La Nina in Marathon off US-1

My fiance and I had to head up to Marathon for some new-to-the-state business and by the time we extracted ourselves from the house it was close to lunch. Although I had driven through Marathon plenty and even taken a charter boat out from there for some excellent game fishing, I had never eaten on that particular key, so I whipped out my phone and looked for something inexpensive and delicious. La Nina was the hands-down winner according to Yelp, so we took a shot.

My fiance almost missed it despite having it plugged into the GPS because it is very unassuming right off US-1, but we made it and proceeded into a tiny (but thankfully air conditioned and clean little restaurant). They had an outdoor ordering window, but they also had the indoor ordering counter where you can peer into the ready-made dishes on tap like ribs, red beans and rice, and yucca.

If you are in the Keys and not thinking about consuming some Cuban food, you are missing out. It may not have the number and variety of Cuban tastes available in Miami, but there are a few major gems that I hope to share with you along the way. Besides, Cuban food and culture is a major part of the Keys history beginning with the cigar trade that once dominated the islands’ economy.

La Nina’s Cuban Sandwich

At La Nina we both ordered Cuban sandwiches because my beau had never had one before. A Cuban sandwich consists of ham, roast pork, cheese, pickles, and mustard (with some variation here and there). What makes a Cuban sandwich amazing is the ham (especially if it is made in-house) and the bread – Cuban bread is soft, crusty, and buttery. La Nina did not disappoint! Their version had the delicious crunchy, buttery bread, the tang of mustard and pickles, and the sweet/savory satisfaction that only ham and roast pork can deliver to the tongue.

The size of the sandwich is so large that we took our halves home and hand them for dinner. We regretted not having room enough to try some other dishes – notably their fried tomatoes and the yucca, but we definitely intend to return. The price was also easy on the wallet especially considering the size of the dish. If you’re passing through Marathon this weekend, lookout for this tiny pink structure and enjoy!

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