Snacks by the Pool

We are lucky to live in a home with a pool in the backyard – kind of a luxury in the keys whose coral is more than difficult to drill down into. Often people who want to have pools go for an above ground pool which is then surrounded by a concrete platform to give the appearance that it is “below ground” – again because of the difficulty of drilling into coral. Our pool is one of the rare gunnite pools in the lower keys, installed by previous owners at what I can only imagine is great expense.

Pools have a resonance with the keys partly because the only way to enjoy the heat, humidity here is to be wet as often as possible. Also because of the famous Hemingway pool (the first one built on Key West and the largest privately owned pool to date) which his second wife Pauline built without his permission (and while he was off philandering).

A gift from my maid of honor for my birthday -aren’t they cute?

For us we like to exercise in it, but also just float and watch boats go by in the canal. We always wave and they almost always wave back. It has also become a gathering place of sorts to have meals. We have a foldout table we use, and there are plenty of seating options including two mesmerizing hammock swings.

If not a whole meal, we definitely have snacks by the pool because you can find yourself in there for hours and hours without feeling like any time has passed at all. Our favorite pool side snacks? Chips and Salsa (of course), grapes, and hummus with veggies and/or chips.

My fiance’s parents were just here and they make the most delicious hummus you will ever have. Being of middle-eastern origin, they know some amazing dishes that I hope to learn and replicate this year. Here is their recipe for hummus (not super specific because they eyeball a lot) and theirs comes out a lot chunkier than the store-bought kind.

Famous Azar Hummus Recipe
Can of Chickpeas
Tahini (1-2 spoonfuls)
Sprig of Parsley (chopped)
Garlic according to taste
Olive Oil

Combine in a food processor and blend until desired smoothness (we like it a bit chunky!)

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