Check out my Grill! :)

Grilling is an understandably popular choice in the keys because it is always warm out, you want to cook outside whenever possible to prevent heating the house, and it paves the way for poolside meals (which who wouldn’t want those whenever possible?). Luckily for me Mr. FL Keys Foodie is a grill master, having benefited from a firm education in grilling by his father. I know how to turn on the grill, how to grill certain things like kebabs, lobster tail, and shrimp (mostly due to my desire for culinary experiments), but I am not a grilling expert. I like watching grill shows on the Food Network and reading about the methods in cookbooks, but ultimately I like outsourcing it. It works perfectly since our grill is downstairs on the patio, so we can divide and conquer.

Last night we kept things very simple on account of a busy day for all of us (and still having to feed three hungry teenagers): cheeseburgers, fries, and grilled pineapple spears.

Mr. Foodie always makes a great burger. He knows just how to shape them, how to move them on the grill, when they are cooked perfectly. All his burgers are great, but by far my favorite one he’s ever made is the roasted red pepper burger. This happened one night while at my parents’ house which typically lacks fresh ingredients because they rarely cook for themselves. We had burger meat and a tiny container of leftover roasted red peppers from our local grocery olive bar. Inspired, Mr. Foodie diced them, put them in the burger meat and started to grill. They took a bit longer because of the peppers, but they were so damned juicy and flavorful and good. While he was cooking, I was scrounging for buns and cheese – nothing but processed kraft (which I haven’t been able to stomach in 10 years) and then I saw a hunk of cheese leftover from some cheese plate my mom made (we both love cheese). So I sliced it up and used it – the fontina took that delicious burger right over the edge. My mother and I were mooning about how delicious it was the whole time we were eating. I’ll make it for you from scratch some time (with pics) so you can enjoy it also. Suffice it to say, the kids were happy.

Grilled Pineapple Spears – Photo Credit:
(yes I don’t have a photo of ours because we ate them too quickly)

Now the pineapple spears were introduced to me by one of my bridesmaids who used to frequent my parents’ house on the weekends for grilling out since we lived close by and her partner was away serving our country. I cannot remember what else we made for dinner that day, but she suggested we grill pieces of pineapple since we were grilling anyway and we had picked up a fresh pineapple. So we tried it. OMG was it delicious. Our guests, my parents, and we just loved the warmth and smoky taste on the pineapple pieces. I don’t think I should have been so surprised because we cook fruit all the time and it’s great, but I was surprised at how much I liked it. This time I cut the pineapple into spears to make it easier to grab and we enjoyed them immensely.

The fries were bagged frozen little things because, as I said, busy day and because I am saving our real potatoes for an amazing dish that I’ll post later in the week, so stay tuned!

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