Galley Grill – Review

One of the mysteries we faced when we first came here was where to have breakfast if we wanted to go out. In the past, we would make elaborate breakfasts at home because we were on vacation so why not? And then we could slip into the pool and digest. No need to wander out. Except for Little Palm brunch (this transcendent experience to be described very near future!). But we were pleased to discover the existence of this little joint Galley Grill right on our own small island! How many times have I driven by this place? Its lot is always full in the mornings, but empty at night, and we learned this is the case because they only serve breakfast and lunch. I like to imagine that they clean up from lunch, hang a sign on the door, and spend the late afternoon/evening fishing.

Biscuits and Gravy
(Btw it is VERY hard to make
this dish look appetizing in a photo)

A friend took us here when my family was visiting because he swears by the place and especially by the biscuits and gravy. Now I am a lover of biscuits and gravy. Everywhere we’ve been on our wild summer of travel so far, I’ve stopped to taste the B&G to see if they know the way to my heart or not. This place definitely does. The biscuits are light, buttery, and the perfect consistency – not crumbly, but flaky. The gravy was the best damned gravy I’ve ever tasted. Not a hint of flour taste which so often creeps in even the best made gravies. The perfect balance of salt, pepper, and sausage. It was creamy without being lumpy or watery. At the risk of sounding like Goldie Locks, it was just right. I ate every bit of that large plate (which only sets you back $6 – also one of the most affordable places I’ve found down here to eat).

Mr. Foodie shares his parfait w/ me

In an effort to be healthy, Mr. Foodie ordered the parfait which was a spectacular display of fruit and granola. It was also quite tasty. The yogurt tasted homemade although I cannot confirm if it was. We of course swapped dishes, so he could try the heavenly gravy also.

The place itself was bright, clean, and decorated with adorable fish and ocean items. The wait staff was prompt, attentive, and friendly. Even the mimosas were tasty (and plentiful). If you happen to be passing through Summerland Key one morning or afternoon (around mile marker 27), look for this happening local favorite and do yourself a favor by stopping in.

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