Amigos Tortilla Bar – Key West Restaurant Review

So Sunday Mr. Foodie had the day off and we decided to head down to Key West for a brief jaunt and to pick up a special souvenir item for one of my close friends (but also very far friends because she lives in Germany) who is having her first baby boy. I already sent a onesie that read: Look at My Muscles (her husband loves to work out), but I wanted to send something topical as well. This being Mr. Foodie’s one day off, we took the morning slow, waking up “late” at 8am and having coffee on the patio. I compared running apps for beginners since that is definitely where I’m at and also podcast apps because I’m (finally) getting into those. I find I can run/walk farther if I’m listening to a good podcast because I don’t get bored as quickly.

An example of Key West’s
distinctive picket fence art

By the time we made it to Key West, it was lunch time and I had pretty much sold Mr. Foodie on some good thai food when we arrived and found that it was closed. Remember that thing I wrote about businesses in the keys closing at odd hours? Anyway, we crossed over Duval St. and I remembered this little taco joint cross the way from Captain Tony’s (the original Hemingway hangout) that my maid of honor and I stumbled into after knocking back one of CT’s Pirate Punches which always leave me swaying on my feet. I didn’t recall what she and I ate, only that we liked it. So we lunched at the Amigos Tortilla Bar where Mr. Foodie got a carnitas burrito and I had the carnitas bowl. Most of the restaurant is bar seating where you are elbow to elbow with other guests. It wasn’t terribly crowded when we went despite it being lunch time (in fact, the whole island seemed quiet despite lobster season opening officially). The bowl included bright red and diced tomatoes, onions, perfectly cooked rice, black beans, and, of course, the carnitas or seasoned pork. The carnitas stole the show, shredding easily on my fork and only lightly touched by a bit of green salsa. Unlike some carnitas I’ve had, this one avoided being too salty. The seasoning amplified the natural flavor of the meat and complimented the freshness of the veggies. Mr. Foodie was equally satisfied with his burrito version, washing it down with Mexican coca-cola because he liked that it had sugar cane as a sweetener instead of corn syrup.

Mr. Foodie’s grill work

We had planned on winding our way back past the Key Lime Pie shop to share a pie on a stick dipped in chocolate for dessert, but we were both too full to contemplate it, so we proceeded to “new town” (the non-historic part of the island where there are largely chain stores like Home Depot and Sears) because we wanted to pick up new running shorts for me and some items at the grocery store. Wish I could say we got home, jumped in the pool and watched boats float by int he canal (and planes land/take off on our neighborhood airstrip – more on that for another post), but we ended up spending three hours on the phone regarding a health insurance matter which we really needed resolved asap all while getting disconnected three times and having to explain all over again to three new people what we were trying to accomplish. Finally we got the matter resolved, suited up, cleaned the boat for a half hour because we hadn’t had time to do it after our last outing, jumped in the pool and ended up having leftover grilled chicken legs for dinner. More foodie adventures on the way! I can’t wait to tell you what happened with the coconut I found on my run the other day.

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