Cocos General Store: Restaurant Review


Sunday was errand day for Mr. Foodie and I (we also organized the storage room, filled cracks in the concrete, and fixed some electrical issues #teamwork). If we ever need anything more than groceries and basic materials for productive days like that, we only have two options – go south to Key West or north to Marathon where these sizable islands will (generally) have what we are looking for (then there’s always We chose to go north to Marathon even though it is technically two miles farther away because we can get around it easier than in Key West where traffic can be cumbersome. After running several errands we were both too hungry to wait the 40 minute drive back home to grab a bite for lunch, so Mr. Foodie took me to a little convenience store he goes to sometimes during the work week –  Cocos General Store.


There we met the owner, Debbie, and learned that she owns two stores, both of which are attached to marinas – perfect if, in addition to sandwiches, you sell bait and tackle. At the Cocos location she is a popular woman to the many boaters who set out from the docks surrounding her shop. They buy sandwiches before and after heading out and, of course, bait for fishing. We ordered just one sandwich because they are quite large – with a thick stack of meat between two pieces of regular bread. They also sell potato salad, macaroni salad, and other cold items. The only other cold item we purchased was a bottle of Dark Horse Rosé mostly because it was the only cold wine that had a twist top – wish we had known that Debbie very thoughtfully keeps both a wine cork opener and beer opener hanging from the handrail outside! 20160814_111848.jpg

In any case, we had a nice time sitting at one of the picnic tables, staring out at the cloud-heavy grey sky and wind-whipped water while we sipped wine and slowly ate our enormous sandwich halves. Mr. Foodie was right about the meat stack! I appreciated the flavor of the meat and the freshness of the veggies. I would have liked a more textured bread or perhaps toasted bread slices instead of the basic sandwich bread she had – but that’s just my preference. The atmosphere was lovely, the wine cold, and the meat generous (and the sandwich affordable) -all in all a great stop for lunch.

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