What’s For Breakfast?


On the weekends Mr. Foodie and I have the time to make a good breakfast instead of chugging coffee and grabbing a breakfast bar on the way out the door. It reminds me of my own childhood. Whereas very little effort or time went into cooking weekday meals in my house, weekend breakfast was a production. As a result, I LOVE breakfast in all its forms. Mr. Foodie would rather skip to lunch, but he humors me on the weekends when I want to spend a little time making a nice morning meal.

The other day I made boiled eggs, roasted asparagus, and fruit salad (pictured above). I generally make boiled eggs for snacks at the beginning of each week, but I really like them best when they are still a little warm from the boil. A little sprinkle of sea salt and you’ve got a creamy, savory bite that perks up your palate. Mr. Foodie swears this is the first time he’s had asparagus, but I’m fairly certain I’ve made it for him before. In either case, he tried it while I watched anxiously. This batch was tossed with olive oil, salt, and pepper and then roasted at 350 for 15 minutes. At the end I put a few pinches of parmesan cheese over the hot spears. The verdict? Mr. Foodie loved them. They turned out crunchy, a little salty from the cheese, and peppery with the characteristic asparagus flavor tying it altogether.

The fruit salad was comprised of what we had in the bowl – a banana and a nectarine. I just chopped them up, sprinkled a little sugar over the top, and squeezed lime juice over all.The bananas were creamy, the nectarine sweet, and the tang of the lime tickled our tongues. It was immensely satisfying.

This morning our breakfast was a little less healthy as we both had a hankering for pancakes. I used a box mix leftover from our last set of guests, but I used our special star wars molds to add some style!

Yes, we’re a little nerdy. Okay, maybe a more than a little nerdy, but it’s okay because we have each other. And pancakes. What do you love to make for breakfast on the weekend?

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