Camping, Eating, Boating


All my blogging ambitions fell by the wayside upon returning home with Mr. Foodie because I’ve been having *SO* much fun! First my wonderful bridesmaids took me on a dream bachelorette weekend to our college town where we drank beer and wine and gossiped late into the evenings. Then we had my bridal shower which was held on a Tuesday night (#unconventionalbutawesome) where we drank *MORE* wine and Mr. Foodie and I were spoiled ROTTEN with the most amazing presents (including my dishes and dining table which I whined about earlier – and nearly all cooking-related gifts ;)). Finally, this past weekend, we went camping with the family and friends – a thing we used to do regularly, but not for many years.


Let me tell you, when we camp, we camp it up. On the one hand, we sleep in tents, in sleeping bags, on the ground (well on an air mattress -who are we kidding? #toooldforthatshit), but on the other hand, we bring a HUGE smoker and make amateur foodie dream-meals. One time we had a tent the whole purpose of which was to be the “bar.” This year, Mr. Foodie and I volunteered to make the first night’s dinner. Knowing that we’d be setting up the first day and half our crew wouldn’t be arriving until late in the evening, we wanted to make it as easy and delicious as possible. We arrived at chicken/veggie foil packets with rice. I tried to replicate my future-mother-in-law’s rice because it is amazing, but ended up with only normalish rice, but still tasty. We cooked the rice ahead of time and sealed it in a plastic bag. We also opted for precooked, but frozen chicken strips which we paired with sliced zucchini, squash, onion, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. It was a gamble, but we were betting that the veggies would cook and chicken would defrost at around the same time if we popped them on the grill off direct heat. It worked! Everyone said our packets were delicious and I can confirm. It was also super easy and a great alternative to the old hotdog camping standby.


My mother volunteered the first breakfast, and I thought I’d share her solution to feeding 20+ people breakfast while camping – freezer bag omelettes! To make it easier, she used egg beaters so folks could pick up a bag, pour their desired amount of egg inside, add toppings, and seal it. Then you add up to 8 bags into a boiling pot of water for approximately* 13 minutes. The hitch in this version was boiling the water on the smoker – the pot got so hot it started to melt the bags when they touched the sides. We also had to adjust the cooking time significantly – *13 minutes works well if you only have the equivalent of 1-2 eggs in the bag, but most folks poured more than that (plus I suspect egg beaters cook up differently than fresh eggs). So it took longer, we had to watch the bags so they didn’t melt, etc. but eventually we got our omelettes. The toppings were definitely the best part, and in theory I am a fan of the whole omelettes-by-the-dozen concept, but next time I’ll be using real eggs, portioning them exactly, and using a regular camp stove to boil the water.


All in all, a great weekend of camping, eating, and boating! What camp-meal tricks do you like to use? Please share with us!

Lake Anna

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