Apple Cinnamon Crostata


Following on the success of my apple pie, I decided to use this week’s apple bounty (thanks future parents-in-law!) to make an apple crostata. A crostata is just a rustic Italian pie – the beauty of which is you can use any fruity thing you have on hand to make it – even jam! That’s right – just roll out a pie crust and spread on the jam or your fav fruit mixture and bake on high heat for 20-25 minutes. If you want it to be prettier, swipe a little egg wash on the edges and sprinkle with some sugar. The only thing you have to realize is that like any pie without a top crust, there will be a lack of moisture which you should try to compensate for by adding a liquid to your fruit (like orange juice) or dotting the top with butter. Some fruit fillings, though, are more moist than others, so let your conscience be your guide there. And of course there are many tried and true recipes you can follow (like this one from my main lady-chef Ina Garten).


There is almost nothing different about this crostata compared to my apple pie. Except I did forget the egg wash and I could have added more moisture on top for a juicier filling. Even so, the apple filling is sweet, tart, and warm from the cinnamon – good both room temperature and steamy from the microwave. What I really love about a crostata is how unfussy it is. It’s rustic, so the edges are folded over the filling. It’s pretty without being perfect. I also love that I can make the recipe for two crusts, use one now and freeze one for later.


Mr. Foodie and I used one of our gift cards from the wedding shower (thanks wonderful friends and family!) to buy our first coffee machine. Sitting here having a slice of crostata with a cup of coffee and my main man – is there anything better than this?

What’s your favorite pie filling?

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