Welcome to the Family: Ekras Sabanekh and Lahema Bi Ajeen


In a few days I will be joining my life with Mr. Foodie’s. After a year and a half of anticipation, I am baffled that it is almost here. I am also ecstatic. I’m not sure how most brides feel in the days leading up to their wedding, but I feel like I’m positively glowing. I won’t lie to you – last week I had a mini-meltdown on the drive home from work, but that’s mostly because I was wrapping up a 5 day head cold and saying goodbye to lady flow. And yes, I am very aware of how lucky I am that all that happened last week and not this week. Still, when I arrived at the weekend before my wedding, I found myself overjoyed hanging with my mom, stamping place cards, and drinking entirely too much wine while watching sappy movies.By the time Sunday rolled around, I was more than happy to take a break from wedding prep to help my mother-in-law bake some of the delicious spinach and meat pies I’ve been piling into my mouth over the past 2+ years.

There I was, sitting at the kitchen table, trying hard to make the perfectly folded triangles that my mother-in-law was doing so expertly, and I felt so grateful to be marrying into such a lovely family. The fact that she knew I’d not only want to eat the delicious pies, but also to learn how to actually make them is something I can’t take for granted.

While this will be a short, rather uncomposed post and my pictures are kind of blurry, I still really wanted to post this memory so I won’t forget how happy I was the weekend before the big day. Happy to be with my in-laws and happy to be baking.

20170212_122612 (1).jpg

If you have never had Ekras Sabanekh, you are missing out. These little pies are stuffed with spinach and onion – but you can customize the filling depending on your taste. They are little pockets of joy. Warm, tangy, with a crisp, but light crust and soft, tantalizing interior. Not to be outdone, Lahemba bi Ajeen is a heavenly meat tart – a little pastry, spiced meat, and, again, more onions. The dough is made from wheat flour and not unlike pizza dough. Both make wonderful appetizers for a party or quick bites for lunch – I totally got down on some spinach pies today while running around the office getting things ready for my brief departure for the honeymoon.

Baking, eating delicious pies, and spending quality time with family was just the ticket. I am so filled with love. Love for my parents who are working so hard to bring my vision into reality. Love for my new family for welcoming me so warmly. Love for my bridesmaids for being patient and supportive. Love for Mr. Foodie. Love for it all.

Time for the next phase of this exciting adventure to begin.

ps. Happy Galentine’s Day!

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