Chicken and Waffles, Again


Mr. Foodie and I had an awesome weekend despite the fact that both of us had to work for a few hours on opposite days. We still managed to squeeze in some jacuzzi time to soak up the sun while we could and some face time with family. Last night we got to play with our nearly 2-yo niece for a few hours – reading her books and pretending to picnic. It was so cute seeing Mr. Foodie play with a baby! It also made me realize how lucky we are to live so close to our families. Sometimes I get tired of this area with all the traffic and never-ending road repairs, but weekends like this make me thrilled to be here.

So I discovered only after I went through the trouble of photographing our dinner that I’ve already written about my Chicken and WafflesĀ – we could call this lazy blogging, then, but I’m going to chalk it up to the fact that this is just an awesome recipe that needs to be shared twice! Plus, we had leftover waffles from the weekend to use, so there you go. I used the same basic recipe as before, but my gravy was thicker (yum!) and of course the waffle recipe is made from scratch instead of a box mix. I also changed the chicken recipe a bit to use our leftover milk (with a little vinegar to make it a diy buttermilk) instead of eggs.


In other news Mr. Foodie went grocery shopping today and surprised me with a thyme plant to go in our wall herb garden planter! I’ve been holding off filling it until spring arrives – the heat/cold flux is not great for keeping plants alive. I just love the smell of fresh herbs and of course the flavor they impart in recipes! Maybe I’ll dry some out to store in my little spice jars for next winter.


Fear not, dear readers! Mr. Foodie and I have actual *new* recipes in the works for our upcoming week, so I will have more to post about than my foodie wall art šŸ˜›

In my search for Irish recipes leading up to St. Patrick’s Day, I stumbled upon a new way to cook cabbage that I can’t wait to try out. Plus, we have been slated to plan a cinco de mayo menu for our parents, so we’re redoing the pork shoulder recipe and putting it in tacos! Stay tuned for all THAT action later this week šŸ˜‰

In the meantime, feel free to keep up with us on instagram! @fairfaxfoodie

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