Not Quite #Bobbyflay: Pistachio and Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Pistachio Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Time for our mid-week check-in on our #springbreak goals. We made some in-roads on our ambitious cleaning schedule, but I’m afraid the daily work-out has been transplanted by unexpected work for both of us. I got the good news yesterday of a work promotion (yay!) and Mr. Foodie picked up a new gig this morning. Granted, we were up at 7:30, so we *could* have squeezed in a workout, but instead we lounged in bed with our coffees and watched funny youtube videos until he had to bounce. I admit that the lure of the “vacation” (even though it is a staycation) is powerful. Luckily I squeezed in some personal work progress as well as some spring cleaning (poor Onyx, she hated her bath) before rushing off to the vineyard with my lady friends for a #teachersappreciation special at my favorite winery. I work with these friends, so we talked a lot of shop, but we also had a lot of fun eating cheese and drinking wine #squadgoals.

Chocolate and Pistachios

As you know by now, one of my favorite weekend indulgences is to watch a bit of Food Network on the weekends, and last weekend Mr. Foodie and I caught the end of Bobby Flay’s Brunch show (which I highly recommend!). We found ourselves drooling over his pistachio and chocolate pancakes, so we made a note to pick up said ingredients during our next grocery run. Pistachios and chocolate seem like such a splendid combo, but I’ll admit it would never have occurred to me if I hadn’t seen it on T.V. I guess that is why he makes the major bucks, right? In any case, it was too good not to pass up.

Now Bobby uses fancy chocolate that he cuts by hand, but I just used the chips left over from the chocolate chip cookies I made the other day. We bought the smallest pack of shelled pistachios (because #expensive!), and I roughly chopped those. I put both items into a basic box-made pancake batter and proceeded per the instructions.


The verdict? Freaking awesome. Mr. Foodie admits that the texture was odd for him (the pieces of pistachio were rather large), but I loved the unexpected crunch and the creamy, slightly bitter, punch of chocolate alongside the sweetness of syrup. I can only imagine how great this dish would be if I actually made it the way Bobby intended. For now, though, it was a major highlight in an otherwise standard breakfast. I always make a double-recipe of pancakes so we can refrigerate the leftovers and have them throughout the week.

Keeping this post short and sweet so I can stay on top of our spring break goals list, but coming up I have a new dinner/lunch recipe of green curry chicken AND we will finally share the recipe for our *favorite* no-lettuce salad that has a summer and winter version, so stay tuned!

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