Tips for Surviving Uploading Your Wedding Photos to Facebook + Happy Easter!

Happy Easter All! For us, Easter was a very fun, very relaxed affair at my in-laws’ home. The best part of holidays with them is the INCREDIBLE food they make and hearing my father-in-law’s stories about his amazing life. I also got to bond a little with our niece, so that was another highlight for me! In other news, I finally uploaded my wedding photos to Facebook! This might not seem like a monumental task to most people, but anyone who has gotten married since digital pix and FB was a thing feels me, I’m sure. Remember when I wrote about the post-wedding To-Do list? Well this is an extension of that “getting my wedding pix organized” list item. After getting your photos back from the photographer, and pouring over every one multiple times, then you have to start the downloading process.

I’m betting that if you spent more than $250 on your computer and you pay for high-speed internet, this step is not as bad as I’m about to make it sound, but OMG. I hated that process. The first attempt killed my laptop. The second round I got smart and used our desktop computer, but it still took nearly a full afternoon to download and unzip every packet of pictures. Then I had to cull them – yes, believe it or not, the pix that I uploaded are just a small fraction of the total (you’re welcome FB friends lol). The step I maybe did not *have* to do, but did anyway, is order special prints for family before posting on FB and snail-mail them. My first thought is that not all my family are on FB, so I’d need to print some anyway. And my second thought was “wouldn’t it be nice to get a surprise in the mail of special pictures from the wedding?” I don’t know about you, but I’m having post-wedding-mailbox blues. For a while we were riding the wedding card/gift high of checking the mail every day, but now we’re back to bills and junk 😛

So I made some prints and sent them off. Then came the official wedding album photo selection. I’m happy to say that the amazing Brandon Hunter is on it and I CAN’T WAIT to see his genius in my hands. Finally, it was Facebook time. I prepared myself a strong drink and anticipated many more problems than I actually had. It did take a long while, and I did get the “FB non responsive kill/wait” popup at least 5 times, but it all worked out. And now everyone can see the freaking awesome pictures that Brittany of Bee Two Sweet took of their children, their partners, and their friends.

Now, for a few tips to keep your sanity while handling Facebook wedding picture uploads:

  1. Cull!

If you hired a professional, chances are you have a BUNCH of wedding photos – many which are essentially slightly different shots of the same thing. Also in black-and-white. Do yourself and your FB friends a favor, and cull them before posting. Pluck just one or two that showcase each special moment of the day – there is no need to post 25 pictures of you “getting ready” or 100+ shots of the same people dancing.

2. Save Some for You

This is related to #1 – it is perfectly okay if you do not share every special picture with the FB universe. I am (obviously) comfortable with sharing a lot on this blog, on my instagram, on Facebook, but when I saw all our first-look photos in the download queue, I hesitated. These mean so much to me and Mr. Foodie, and even though they exist on the photographer’s website, I decided not to post them all on Facebook. And that’s okay. Don’t feel like you HAVE to share each and every photo with the world.

3. Small Batches

Unless you have an awesome computer and excellent wifi, pace yourself with the uploads. Once you’ve selected an album to put them in, grab 5-10 photos at a time to upload into it. I liked this because a) it did not overwhelm my technology and b) it gave me the chance to look at each one, decide if I really *did* want to put it on FB, and to tag people if Facebook’s scary-accurate face-recognition hadn’t done so already. I also commented on a few photos as I went. If you do end up getting the “FB unresponsive kill/wait” popup, click “wait” and be patient. You don’t want to ruin all your hard work.

4. Check the Tags

At the end of uploading, check the list of people who are tagged in the photos – make sure you did not accidentally tag someone who is not there. The last thing you want is for some poor friend of yours who wasn’t even at the wedding to get a million notifications from photo likes. This is a time, as well, to take off anyone that you feel might not want to be tagged in a photo of any kind. Not everyone loves this whole FB thing.

5. Credit

If possible, give credit and props to your photographer by tagging him/her and even sharing their photo site so your friends and family might buy prints using it. I’m not sure, but I think they might get a cut of those sales – whatever the case, it is nice to let everyone know who took your awesome photos. You can use this opportunity to thank others who made your day special as well. I wanted everyone to know, for example, how grateful I was for my grandmother who sewed my gorgeous red cape for the big day. You can also use your photos to thank your super cool vendors – spread the love!

For more foodie adventures (and post-wedding life) check us out on instagram @fairfaxfoodie

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