Grilled Ribs, Savory Sweet Potatoes, and Sour Cherry Cocktails #summereats

It seems ages ago that I posted about our summer obsession with grilled dinners, but that’s just because Mr. Foodie and I have been consumed with work lately. Today I played hooky from both my real job and my dissertation because sometimes you just need a day to watch the Food Network while drinking coffee in your pjs. Plus, my wonderful in-laws treated us to lunch and a at-home movie this afternoon. I really needed a day of no decisions. It was bliss.

I figured I’d cap a good day off with a post about these delicious grilled ribs and savory sweet potato halves–a combination made in heaven, I tell you. The ribs are really super simple, the key being to pick *great* ribs that hardly need any pre-cooking treatment. A friend recently turned us on to these ribs, carried by Harris Teeter, and I never want to look back. Those who know me know that I am a devoted Wegmans shopper, but I would cross the highway for these ribs, man. They are meaty and tender, delectable on their own but over-the-top with a light coat of your favorite spice rub. They don’t even need the bbq sauce (but Mr. Foodie loves any excuse to eat sauce, so #compromise).

Grilled Ribs and Savory Sweet Potatoes

We threw a sweet potato on the grill as well (first–they take a while when they’re big ‘uns) because it was easy and we both love sweet potatoes. Mr. Foodie would probably prefer them with brown sugar and butter like my dad, but I like them savory. This time we kept it simple – butter, freshly cracked black pepper, and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. Perfection. Sometimes I add fresh herbs directly if they are “light” (like cilantro) or cook hardier herbs (like rosemary or sage) in butter to pour into the potato cracks. Two tasty foods that I can cook on the grill with no fuss? Yes please.

Sour Cherry Cocktail

While Mr. Foodie stood watch over the grill and greeted all our neighbors as they arrived home from work like an adorable Mr. Rogers, I mixed up a batch of Sour Cherry Cocktails. Did you know there was such a thing as sour cherries? I love me some regular cherries, but the sour ones are freaking delicious. Warning – they are super sour. To balance out their sourness, I cooked a cup of stemmed, pitted, sour cherries in a simple water/sugar mixture to make a sour cherry simple syrup. I let this cool, added it to a shaker with ice and vodka, et voila – Sour Cherry Cocktails. We looked too cool for school in front of our mini red grill with our fancy martini glasses in hand :P.

What are you grilling this summer?

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