Zucchini Muffins and Sushi Treats

My in-laws have this amazing expansive garden that my niece and nephew help with from time to time. They ended up saving a zucchini for my niece to pick the next time she came over, and by the time she came to help in the garden this summer, the zucchini had grown as large as a cat! I can confirm that I am now in possession of this enormous zucchini as well as a few slender Japanese eggplants and two globular Italian eggplants that I look forward to transforming into eggplant parmesan.

Today was a bit of a rough day at work, but Mr. Foodie sailed into the house a little later than usual carrying a bottle of rose wine and fancy cheese–just what the day demanded :-). Dinner was mostly cheese, sushi, and pan-sauteed zucchini, but what’s wrong with that?

Our black kitty named Onyx gets her share of the salmon sushi which she absolutely adores

I also made zucchini muffins with chocolate chips. I used this recipe. If I’m being honest, they look a little intense, but they taste lovely. I was convinced you wouldn’t really taste the zucchini through the chocolate and other spices, but it remains as a subtle note. I like having muffins on hand for breakfast or snacks, and if they’re muffins that I can make with fruit about to go bad (banana muffins for the win!) or veggies I have too much of (looking at you zucchini), then I’m a happy camper.

What are you making or baking this week?

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