Comfort and Coffee Cake

So we are living in my parents’ house this week because our neighborhood decided to undertake a massive road repaving project that would effectively trap us in the house for a week. I guess they figured most people aren’t leaving their houses anyway, so why not? But Mr. Foodie goes to work every day and walking 2 miles to the nearest parking garage every morning at 4am wasn’t going to work for him. So here we are, living a similar but different life for a few days.

What I’m loving: Having a yard and a deck! All the cool walking paths around the house. Watching Onyx run around enjoying her new space. Eating at a big, proper dining table. Talking with mom between zoom calls. Cooking and baking for my family.

Picture of Coffee Cake with cinnamon sugar swirl
Coffee Cake

This week, I didn’t plan on making anything too ambitious because I knew it would be a busy week for me with work and because cooking in someone else’s home is always a bit awkward. Even a kitchen that I know so well. If you cook and bake on the regular, then you know what it’s like. You go to find an ingredient that you always have on hand only to find nothing. You go to reach for a utensil, but it is hiding in another drawer. The oven isn’t as “hot” as yours. Even the pots do a different thing than mine. So dinners have mainly been a baked or grilled meat and veggie. Last night it was filets of beef with broccoli rabe and roasted garlic. Tonight it will likely be sweet potatoes and fish if we have some. I don’t “make” lunch for the house, but I have baked a breakfast pastry twice this week. First, it was store-bought cinnamon rolls which were just okay. Today, however, I am baking coffee cake. It is a new recipe for me, but it turned out fairly well. At home I usually bake something each week, just to have on hand for coffee or a quick afternoon snack (mostly banana muffins or zucchini muffins). I get up with Mr. Foodie at 4:30am every day, so if I don’t have some hard work I need to do first, I will usually slap on my headphones and listen to a podcast while I bake.

My black cat onyx with a paper collar to look like Ruth Bader Ginsberg's lace collar
Enjoy this picture of Onyx dressed up as RBG ❤

The past few days have been emotionally draining for me. There was the news about RBG which I woke up to on Saturday. And now my grandpa has very concerning health issues. Then there’s the state of the world in general. It is a lot. So I’m find comfort in baking, in snuggling Onyx and Mr. Foodie, and in putting one foot in front of the other.

What comforts you these days?

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