Roasted Broccoli Rabe

photo of plated lunch with glass of wine and instant macaroni and roasted broccoli rabe

One of the major upsides of being displaced from my home for a week is that I have company at lunch time. As I mentioned earlier this week, I haven’t been “making” a lunch for my mom and I other than putting a sandwich together and heating some soup, but I still get out the place mats and napkins. I clear off my work things. I might pour a small glass of wine for each of us. It has become a ritual I wish I could continue doing. Even though it lasts only a half hour to an hour, it feels luxurious and special.

roasted broccoli rabe with garlic and red pepper flakes

Today I paired our instant macaroni with some roasted broccoli rabe. Lightly coated in olive oil, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes, roasted at 400 degrees for 10-15 minutes, its spicy, crispy texture paired so well with the creamy macaroni. It made me wonder why I don’t roast more veggies for lunch when I’m by myself or with Mr. Foodie. What a good way to use vegetables that didn’t quite make it into the dinner rotation! I know I could roast them at dinner and eat them the next day, but the texture is never quite the same. I get my general aversion to leftovers from my mom. Thankfully, Mr. Foodie has no qualms about eating leftovers, but I prefer my veggies freshly roasted.

Tonight we feast on chicken and roasted brussels sprouts–one of my favorite roasted veggies even as a leftover.

What are you eating for lunch these days?

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