Braised Cucumbers

It’s been a while! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been cooking. But blogging? That took a backseat to a rather ambitious work agenda. Happy to say it’s been a pretty good academic year.

The funny thing is I find myself cooking for my mom’s house again because she fell and damaged her knee a few weeks ago, had surgery, and is now doing PT. She’s recovering nicely, but since she can’t put weight on it, it helps to have someone always there who can fetch things, etc. So I split my time between households. As a result, my cooking has been very…fractured. I just kind of wing it for the most part. The other day I was at mom’s searching her fridge and pantry for a fresh vegetable of some kind to add to the dinner menu and all they had were cucumbers 🥒 🤔

I remembered a scene from Julie & Julia where Julie says “braised cucumbers are a revelation.” So I looked up the Julia Child recipe and gave it a shot. Readers, braised cucumbers are freaking fantastic. They remind me a little of a warm pickle, but don’t let that put you off. It’s much more subtle and you can play with the seasoning. Whatever. Just try this ASAP and especially if you’re looking for a warm veggie dish that comes together in 6 minutes.

Photo of braised cucumbers with pork chops and roasted potatoes

Julia Child’s Braised Cucumbers (w/ some alternative seasoning suggestions)

1 large English Cucumber (for 5 adults I used two / you can also use regular ones)

1 – 2 T of butter

Juice of 1/2 a Lemon

1-2 tsp seasoning (zataar, which I did, or dried mint, which Julia suggests, or red pepper flakes, herbs de Provence, etc.)

Peel most of the cucumber skin off with a peeler & cut into 1 inch wheels. Cook in melted butter on medium-high heat for 4 minutes (covered, stirring occasionally). Add seasoning and lemon juice. Cook another 2-3 minutes uncovered until they are soft looking but not mush.

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