Pride Goeth Before the Lamb Cake Tips Over

Happy Belated Easter! I wasn’t sure I’d do an Easter foodie post because this year my parents-in-law made the vast majority of the awesome food that we ate. But I couldn’t help myself 😉 After following the Mid-Century Menu Blog for years, I decided to finally buy a lamb cake pan and participate in the Lambie Cake Contest.

Picture of lamb cake frosted in white buttercream with a pink ribbon around it's neck and sitting on Easter basket grass. Looking a little rough.

If you ever momentarily lose your senses and decide to also make a Lambie Cake, I highly recommend reading Mid-Century Menu’s 10 Tips for making the cake. The tips were seriously helpful, and, up to frosting the cake, everything went super smoothly which would absolutely not have been the case if I hadn’t followed the tips.

I chose to use a boxed lemon cake mix and pair it with a homemade vanilla buttercream. Others frost lamb cakes with whipped frostings or even whipped cream, but apparently *I* knew better and decided buttercream would taste better AND look better because I could more easily shape the lamb wool curls with a piping tip. Thank the spring equinox gods that I did a messy crumb coat before piping the curls because it is HARD to frost an upright lamb, okay? At first I was all nonchalantly like, “this is way too much frosting for this tiny cake!” Nope. Between the crumb coat and wool curls, I used every single drop of that buttercream.

And then I realized why people don’t often use buttercream for lamb cakes. I lovingly placed the cake in the fridge to keep the buttercream fresh and checked on it a little while later only to scream in dismay at the sight of my little lambie tipped over, his face smooshed into the side of the fridge. Mr. Foodie came rushing at the sound of my scream and then looked with frightened eyes between me and the tipped lamb. I can just imagine him thinking, “oh shit, is this like the pie dough debacle of 2018?” (Some day I will write about that fateful day).

I don’t know if I’m maturing as an amateur baker/foodie, but I did not lose my shit and instead picked up the lamb, jammed two more bamboo sticks under the lamb’s head (the base of which was definitely not wide enough to support both the lamb head AND the metric ton of buttercream frosting curls I had piped to make him look adorable). Then I let Mr. Foodie cart me to Michael’s to grab canned frosting to patch the smooshed parts, a pretty pink ribbon for the lambie to distract from the patch job, and $30 worth of art supplies to cheer me up lol

A snap chat pic of my black cat named Onyx with a hand drawn message saying happy Easter and a little drawn basket with eggs in it
Enjoy this random Easter snap of my cat 😂

It tasted fine, and, my dear readers, people were more put off by how the pink sprinkles I used for the eyes had bled into the frosted face than the patch job. The moral of the story is twofold: 1) do not assume you know better than decades of lambie cake bakers before you on which frosting would be best and 2) try not to scare your husband with a meltdown when you have baking fail. At the end of the day, you still have delicious cake to eat even if your adorable lamb looks like it lost a fight with a shearing machine.

Our Easter 2021 Menu

Roasted Asparagus and Carrots (oil, salt & pepper, yummy)

Caprese Pasta Salad (pasta, cherry tomatoes, diced mozzarella, basil, and simple oil dressing)

Deviled Eggs (my recipe)

Lamb w/ potatoes and carrots (made expertly by my in-laws)

Maamoul Cookies and Baklava (made expertly by my in-laws)

Hashweh Rice (made expertly by my in-laws)

Would love to hear about your Easter menus in the comments! Also, what dishes do you want a recipe for?

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