A Week in the Life of Fairfax Foodie

I was doubly-inspired this week by GrubStreet’s “The Grub Street Diet” series and by a friend’s insistence that I *must* eat like a queen all the time (probably because my Insta makes my eating life look much more glamorous than it is). So here is a week in the life of Fairfax Foodie. I’d like to say that having to document it and share it with you all had some profound impact on what I decided to eat, but I don’t think that was the case. As a college prof, this is an insanely busy time of year for me, so what you see is what I had 😛

Saturday, April 10th

I begin all the mornings by downing a glass of water and then slowly sipping my dark roast, black, coffee – around two cups before it gets cold if I’m not too distracted by reading or writing. This morning I ended up skipping breakfast because I had to take my mother to a hair appointment (she had knee surgery recently after a skiing accident and still can’t drive herself anywhere). Afterwards we went to Ozzie’s for lunch (Maggie’s Roast Chicken Salad and a glass of chardonnay). Mom has been feeling cooped up, so we walked around the shops near the restaurant so she could get some fresh air and exercise. Then we stopped by my house to admire our new, grownup couch that Mr. Foodie and I had just hauled up the stairs ourselves because the very nice delivery man didn’t have a buddy when he dropped it off (Mr. Foodie and I are still married, so I call it a win). Mom and I decided to hang out, watch a little TV and have a snack – pistachios and a gimlet (the easiest and tastiest of cocktails). Then I dropped her off and got started on making beef stew for dinner. We had our first post-pandemic board game night with two friends (thanks to all of us being totes vaccinated now), and so I decided on a simple beef stew. We also had red wine and leftover baklava from Easter (thanks to my sainted father-in-law who makes it from scratch).

Sunday, April 11th

Mr. Foodie really wanted to go out for breakfast, so we went to the Silver Diner where I ordered the Power Breakfast and a peach ice tea. I also had a sip of Mr. Foodie’s bloody mary because it was extra spicy and delicious. We followed this with a viewing of Godzilla v. Kong which I liked much more than I thought I would. I also watched Enola Holmes which was excellent. Mr. Foodie and I also implemented “hobby hour” to make time for fun things we want to do. My hobby this week has been to get back into watercolor art 🙂 It is something I used to do, but it’s been well over 10 years. Anyways, I was pretty proud of my first attempt (pictured below) Because the breakfast was substantial, I only ended up having a fizzy water and some cheese & crackers for “lunch” which turned out to be a good thing because Mr. Foodie’s parents invited us out for a seafood dinner. We all had some of the calamari appetizer, and then I deviated from the seafood theme by ordering a chicken dish instead.

Probably the busiest weekend since the pandemic started, but that’s all thanks to the fact that we’ve all been vaccinated (yay for healthcare workers!)

My pretty little watercolor landscape

Monday, April 12th

Mr. Foodie gets up at 4:30am for work and, lately, I get up with him. Or sometimes I get up just after he’s left. He always makes me coffee before he leaves which is probably the reason we are still in love lol I’ve been using this new app called Routinery and I LOVE it. Highly recommend. Anyway, it signals me to move on to the next part of my morning so I’m more likely to do everything I should before the work day starts. One of those things is eating breakfast. This day I ate a basic bowl of brown sugar oatmeal before heading out for a walk. For lunch I heated some Italian wedding soup with some saltines and had a lemon fizzy water. This is the day my allergies tried to kill me in spite of my allergy medication, so I was dragging my ass on the floor by 2pm. I literally made another pot of coffee just to keep my eyes open until 7pm. For dinner we had oven-baked salmon (with lemon and butter), rice, and a bagged arugula salad from Wegmans (🥰). We topped things off with a little piece of chocolate from the enormous chocolate Easter egg that our sister-in-law gave us.

Told you it was a giant Easter egg

Tuesday, April 13th

Same old, same old: water, coffee, oatmeal. I might’ve added a banana to mix things up (you crazy, girl). For lunch I reheated some of the rice from dinner, topped it with a fried egg, and a little soy sauce and siracha. I also cut up an apple and added a little crunchy peanut butter to some of the pieces. I keep a water at my desk, so I try to stay hydrated throughout the day. This particular day the allergies were so bad that one of my students messaged me privately to say that I looked tired and was I okay? It was sweet, but damn—all I could see from then on were my puffy eyes lol After class I reheated leftover coffee (I know, I know, but desperate times, ok?). For dinner I pounded some pork chops, lightly breaded them, and pan-fried them until golden brown. I paired these with leftover arugula salad (it was still perfect), and simple spaghetti. I also chugged a lemon fizzy water before bed.

Wednesday, April 14th

Same deal with the coffee and oatmeal, but Wednesdays are my video call days so I strategically crammed some crackers with peanut butter in my mouth around 10:30am so I wouldn’t be starving by the time I could have lunch (when you get up at 5am, lunch at 1pm is…late). For lunch I just had some of the leftover spaghetti, plain. I kept it simple because I knew what was in store for me: girls happy hour! We met up at one of our favorite local hangs – Dolce Wine Bar in Fairfax. They have half-off bottles on Wednesdays and happy hour small plates. I told them what I was up to with this blog post, and thankfully Becca kept a list for me of what we ordered. Even though we were there for hours, it felt like 5 seconds. I cannot get enough time with those two. Here’s what we ordered (Remember these are small plates that we shared lol Who am I kidding? It was freaking indulgent and amazing. I do not apologize):

Crab & artichoke flatbread
Porchetta meatballs
Truffle fries
Burrata and asparagus and prosciutto (lemon vinaigrette)
Strawberry shortcake
Amaretto cookies and cream bread pudding
Rosé and Prosecco

Thursday, April 15th

Seeing as how I stayed out late on Wednesday with my ladies and yet got up at the same time as always, coffee was my best friend this morning. It will also be a shock to no one who has indulged in wine with friends that I was hungrier than usual after coffee, so I toasted a piece of bread and topped it with 2 scrambled eggs and bits of basil from our first herb plant of the season as well as some pecorino cheese. I enjoyed a lemon fizzy water while working, and then I missed lunch entirely because my mom needed someone to take her to a doctor appointment. I dropped her off, heated a lunch for her, and barely made it back in time for my afternoon call. I did manage to jam a couple crackers with peanut butter in my mouth before the call began. As soon as that call ended, I started on making mushroom risotto. I sliced the shrooms and roasted them with oil, salt, and pepper at 375 degrees until they were brown, but still juicy. In the meantime I heated chicken stock, sautéed onions, and opened a bottle of white wine of which I use 1 cup for the first ladle of liquid. I’ve tried substitutes, but nothing tastes as good as risotto with a little white wine in it. Trust me. I topped the finished risotto with the shrooms and it was glorious. We ended the night with another piece of the giant chocolate egg.

Friday, April 16th

The final day of my week in the life. This morning I barely had one cup of coffee because I had to pick up my mom and take her to physical therapy. I walked around in circles listening to podcasts while I waited. I dropped her back off and headed to the grocery store. Probably *not* the best idea to go grocery shopping when you’re hungry, but I am a notorious under-buyer, so the risk is lower that I’ll just start piling stuff into the cart. I pretty much stick to a list in my hand or in my head. I did decide that I wasn’t feeling like cooking dinner, so I picked up a roasted chicken, a small wedge of a blue-brie style cheese, and a baguette. This I’ll pair with green beans and fruit for an easy dinner (and a ton of leftovers – always nice to have going into the weekend). For lunch I heated some more Italian wedding soup (see? I can be a super boring foodie lol).

What did you eat this week? Drop a comment below or find us on Instagram: @fairfaxfoodie Also, if you’re even remotely interested in how I decide what to pick up from the grocery store in a given week, let me know. That could be fun to unpack 😛

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