I began this blog when my fiance and I lived in the Florida Keys as 7225a-12714a way to connect with absent family and friends as well as pursue my passion for cooking, baking, and eating! It absolutely made our stay there even more enjoyable because it shaped our outings in a meaningful way. I learned so much while we were down there – about the unique lifestyle of FL Keys natives (known as “Conchs”), about cooking, and about myself. It also brought Mr. foodie and me closer together since we both love cooking and baking. He reminds me that it is okay to improvise and not to cry over spilled milk. We have since moved back to Fairfax, VA to be closer to family and friends. While we miss the sun, sand, and ocean, we are happy to be back in close proximity to our loved ones. On the blog you can catch us scouting new places to eat in the NOVA area, trying new recipes (and sometimes failing), and¬†exploring our newly married life!
We hope you enjoy this little journey as much as we are. We welcome your comments! And for more about what we are up to, feel free to check us out on Instagram @fairfaxfoodie and Pinterest.
Want to share a recipe? Ask for advice about navigating the NOVA¬†foodie scene? We’d love to hear from you!