Comfort and Coffee Cake

So we are living in my parents’ house this week because our neighborhood decided to undertake a massive road repaving project that would effectively trap us in the house for a week. I guess they figured most people aren’t leaving their houses anyway, so why not? But Mr. Foodie goes to work every day and…

#FavoriteThings Friday: #WasteFree Berry Smoothie

Mr. Foodie and I love us some berry smoothies. Since Mr. Foodie does not care for traditional breakfast fare, it pleases me to no end when I see him sucking down a tasty smoothie for breakfast. In the past it seemed like a bit of a pain to keep all the ingredients for smoothies on…

Not Quite #Bobbyflay: Pistachio and Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Time for our mid-week check-in on our #springbreak goals. We made some in-roads on our ambitious cleaning schedule, but I’m afraid the daily work-out has been transplanted by unexpected work for both of us. I got the good news yesterday of a work promotion (yay!) and Mr. Foodie picked up a new gig this morning….

Post-St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast: Waffles

Morning! Did you have an awesome St. Patrick’s Day like we did? Omg, you guys, I did an Irish Car Bomb last night! I haven’t done one of those since my study abroad trip in Denmark over 10 years ago! Our gracious party hosts served up a delicious shepherd’s pie, spinach dip, and Irish soda…

Historical Baking: Gingerbread from American Cake

One of our wedding shower gifts was this amazing American Cake cookbook given to me by my awesome bridesmaid Becca. I have quite a collection of cookbooks now thanks to my generous family and friends. I definitely have a high bar for cookbooks – I want narrative, drama, personal stories! And of course great recipes….